We think our inventory is pretty amazing! Some of our items are unique and one of a kind. We would love to see some (or all!) of our vintage at your wedding or event! 

1. Snuggle up with some popcorn and your fiancé or some wonderful girlfriends that actually like the wedding planning process. Make sure you have a notepad and pen too! View our inventory page.

2. Remember your theme and style you are going for. Also make sure your venue has the space for our fabulous items.

3. Create a wish list. You can also make one on our site! It will email me directly once you press send and I can let you know what is available.

4. Getting overwhelmed? Interested in Borrow my vintage styling your entire wedding? Shoot us an email at borrowmyvintage@gmail.com and lets chat in person!

5. Once you send us your wishlist I will email you back a custom quote! We will go over the contract and book your rentals.

6. Pick up is easy! But please bring our vintage back :)